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Our Services

Real2Reel Casting is a full service casting company and we specialize in providing participants for branded, digital & streaming platforms, television and podcasts.

We identify and book cast members with factual and unusual stories for unscripted formats, energetic, daring and whip-smart contestants for game and dating shows, and celebrities, hosts, and authors/experts for documentary, podcasts, brands, scripted, news, reality and current affairs programs.

Real2Reel Casting is staffed exclusively by seasoned producers & development staffers who handle everything from researching, vetting, procuring, interviewing/auditioning, and editing casting reels. Whether your production is on location or in the studio, we handle scheduling, coordinating and wrangling the cast.

We also negotiate, execute and lock talent deals. We have strong ties to the industry, we also handle negotiations with talent managers & unions.

Real2Reel Casting has an extensive contact list of casting producers, associates and recruiters and we can handle your staffing and talent acquisition needs. Let us take the time to shuffle through resumes, conduct interviews, check references and assemble the best team that is the best fit for your format.

Real2Reel Casting is the only casting company founded by an experienced Showrunner and Development Executive

We are staffed with actual hands-on field and story producers. We provoke the best audition-interview and stories from your potential cast members.

Our Services

Whether you’re casting a series or a project in development, Real2Reel Casting has you covered. 

Project Types

– branded
– documentaries
– digital – long & short form
– endorsements
– film, full length and shorts
– competition, dating & game shows
– news/commentary/clip shows
– music videos
– special appearances or charity involvements
– social media campaigns
– television: unscripted, scripted

Casting Capabilities

– actors
– athletes
– authors
– experts
– celebrities
– competition, dating, game show contestants
– hosts
– influencers
– models
– musicians
– unscripted reality participants
– voice over artists/podcasts

“Every good story has a beginning, middle and end.”